Inuit Broadcasting Corporation

Pituqait - Johnny Issaluk

Host Henry Naulaq speaks with guest Johnny Issaluk. Johnny Issaluk is a athlete and health activist. In this show he talks about how he started advocating for better healthy living. He started out as an athlete competing in the Arctic Winter Games in the North.

Duration: 10:16

Pituqait - Mathew Nuqingak

Host Henry Naulaq speaks with guest Mathew Nuqingak. Mathew Nuqingak talks about his work entertaining people as a drum-dancer and he also talks about the design of the drum. The materials used to make the drum.

Duration: 11:55

Takuginai - Takuginai Christmas Special

The Takuginai family celebrate the Christmas holidays.

Duration: 14:51

Takuginai - Johnny’s Lucky Cap

Johnny owns a cap that gives him good luck.

Duration: 15:41

Takuginai - A Town without Pilot Biscuits

Iqaluit has run out of pilot biscuits. What is Pilot Monster going to do?

Duration: 15:13

Takuginai - Windy Day Readers

Janet and Kuku think it’s too windy to play outside, so they stay in with a good book and play some games. But Uluakalla loves the feel of a good strong breeze blowing through his fur.

Duration: 15:42