Inuit Broadcasting Corporation

Qimaivvik - Taloyoak Story Teller and Gjoa Haven Fishermen

Host: Michael Haqpi Segment 1: Peter Peetooloot of Taloyoak talks about good hunting and fishing places. Peter Peetooloot talks about his childhood even before Taloyoak was a community. Segment 2: Silas Aittauq of Baker Lake is making dog harness from caribou skin legs. Segment 3: Hunters of Taloyoak fishing at a Fishing Weir with Kakivak. Segment 4: Silas Aittauq of Baker Lake is frying caribou meat the traditional way using rocks and Arctic Heather as fuel.

Duration: 28:54

Qimaivvik - Caribou Hunting Tips, Name Sakes, Igloo Building and Dog Team Travel

Host: Saimataq Michael Interviewer: Peter Tapatai Segment 1: Elders of Baker Lake gather at Igloo having caribou cooked meat. Barnabas Peryour talks about the change of caribou migration route. Segment 2: Mark and Qillaq Ijjangiaq of Igloolik talking about naming babies with namesake. Segment 3: Mark Ijjangiaq is teaching how to make Igloo. Interviewer: Saimataq Micheal Segment 4: Peter Atsiqtaq talks about when he used to be a guide for Roman Catholic, R.C.M.P. and Hudson’s Bay Company between the communities of Kimmirut, Cape Dorset and Iqaluit by dog teams.

Duration: 57:55