Uakallanga - Kakkivak (spear)

Description: For centuries the fish spear known to Inuit as the Kakivak has been in existence. It has assisted Inuit in spearing fish from rivers. This spear would have been made mostly from bone and occasionally driftwood for the long shaft; the point would have been sharper, at times made of rock, but mostly bone. These days there is plenty of wood around, and the point could be made from steel, brass or other hard elements. In this episode we will watch Solomon Awa, a hunter from Iqaluit, originally from Pond Inlet demonstrate the making of a modern Kakivak.

Genre: Educational

Duration: 22:01

Series: Uakallanga

Channel: Inuit Broadcasting Corporation

Tags: Inuit IBC Canadian Arctic Traditional Knowledge Inuit Broadcasting Corporation History Culture Inuk Nunavut kakkivak spear fishing Solomon Awa Pond Inlet