Nunavut adults get high school diploma using innovative online program

Joe Aulajut never had the chance to complete his Grade 12 when he was young, as he had to stay home and help take care of older family members. When Nunavut Arctic College launched the Pathway to Adult Secondary School (PASS) Program that provides another route to obtain a Grade 12 diploma through distance learning, Joe signed up. He describes how he uses QINIQ to connect to his instructor, the learning content, and how he works with Maria Illungiayok (his local facilitator in Arviat), to succeed. Grade 12 graduates in Nunavut have terrific employment and training opportunities. Video sponsored by SSi Canada ( operators of the QINIQ ( broadband network in Nunavut. Thanks to Maria Illungiayok, Joe Aulajut and Eric Anoee of Arviat, Nunavut for your enthusiastic participation in making this video. For more information on the PASS program: visit Nunavut Arctic College ( Videographer Ivan Hughes, Compass Digital Media ( Producer Lorraine Thomas, Imaituk Inc. ( Special thanks to Dylan Clark, who donated aerial footage of Arviat.


Duration: 2:20

Channel: Qiniq

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