Using the Internet to help Arctic dogs - one 'byte' at a time

Lay Vaccinator Page Burt provides vaccinations against rabies and parvovirus/distemper for the many sled dogs and family pets living in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut. While professional veterinarians from Winnipeg fly in at least once a year to provide diagnostic services as well as spay and neuter surgery. Throughout the year, animals sometimes need access to emergency care. When an animal needs help, people bring them to Page, who communicates with Tuxedo Animal Hospital in Winnipeg using the QINIQ network to exchange video, photos and information for guidance in helping animals in need. Video sponsored by SSi Canada ( operators of the QINIQ ( broadband network in Nunavut. Thanks to Page Burt and John Hickes of Rankin Inlet and Dr. Jonas Watson, a Veterinarian from Winnipeg’s Tuxedo Animal Hospital ( for their help in making this video. A Rankin Inlet volunteer group is raising funds toward an x-ray machine for use in Rankin on animals. Contact Page at 867-645-2650, or, for information. Videographer Ivan Hughes, Compass Digital Media ( Producer Lorraine Thomas, Imaituk Inc. (


Duration: 2:31

Channel: Qiniq

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