Broadband Essential for Community Wellness Organization

Ilisaqsivik is a locally run organization in Clyde River, Nunavut, with a mission to promote community holistic wellness through a variety of programs. These include counseling, pre-school, Inuktitut literacy, youth activities and land-based cultural and healing programs. As Executive Director, Jakob Gearheard knows the critical importance of broadband in a remote community that has no bank or government office. Without broadband, online financial management would not be possible, and vital funding proposals and reports would not get submitted on time. Without broadband, an essential organization like Ilisaqsivik could not survive. Video sponsored by SSi Canada ( operators of the QINIQ ( broadband network in Nunavut. Thanks to Mike Jaypoody, Jakob Gearheard and Robert Kautuk of Ilisaqsivik Society of Clyde River, Nunavut for your enthusiastic participation in making this video. Videographer Ivan Hughes, Compass Digital Media ( Producer Lorraine Thomas, Imaituk Inc. (


Duration: 2:27

Channel: Qiniq

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