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Building 4G in the Arctic

Brian Berry is a Satellite Communications Specialist with SSi Canada and has certainly seen his share of travel to Nunavut, having visited every community many times over the past several years to perform maintenance and system upgrades to the QINIQ network. Brian is proud to be part of the team that delivers affordable high-speed Internet to these remote Arctic communities. In February, 2017, Brian was in Clyde River, about 3000 kilometres north of his home in Ottawa, installing new equipment to support QINIQ’s latest upgrade to 4G-LTE and GSM technology, which means new wireless voice and data services just like in southern Canada. Video sponsored by SSi Canada (https://www.ssicanada.com) operators of the QINIQ (https://www.qiniq.com) broadband network in Nunavut. Thanks to Mike Jaypoody and Robert Kautuk of Ilisaqsivik Society of Clyde River, Nunavut for your enthusiastic participation in making this video. Videographer Ivan Hughes, Compass Digital Media (http://www.compassdigital.ca). Producer Lorraine Thomas, Imaituk Inc. (http://www.imaituk.ca).


Duration: 2:19

Channel: SSi Canada

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