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SSi Canada's Ottawa Teleport

SSi Canada's Ottawa Teleport manages all broadband data traveling to and from the North over SSi's satellite network. Redundancy and security at the Teleport ensures maximum protection for Nunavut's link to the Internet backbone, with two dish antennas pointing to two different satellites, two separate fibre connections to the backbone, and backup power and servers. Video sponsored by SSi Canada (https://www.ssicanada.com) operators of the QINIQ (https://www.qiniq.com) broadband network in Nunavut. Thanks to Tim Froehler for your enthusiastic participation in making this video. Videographer Ivan Hughes, Compass Digital Media (http://www.compassdigital.ca). Producer Lorraine Thomas, Imaituk Inc. (http://www.imaituk.ca).


Duration: 2:20

Channel: SSi Canada

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