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Archive 04072IQ

Host: Julie Ivalu Segment 1: Hannah Uyarak talks about how sinew was made. Hannah Uyarak talks about getting sinew from Narwhal back muscle, Caribou back and leg muscle, fox tail muscle and ring and bearded seal throat. Margaret Kipsigak and Madeline Ivalu demonstrate how sinew is made from Narwhal back muscle. Segment 2: Lydia Qalluttiaq Maliki making Traditional Inuit clothing from seal skin and dog fur scrapes.


Duration: 27:55

Series: Qimaivvik

Channel: Inuit Broadcasting Corporation

Tags: Nunavut Arctic Canadian Inuit IBC Inuit Broadcasting Corporation Igloolik Sinew Narwhal Caribou Ring Seal Bearded Seal Fox Seal skin dog fur Inuit Clothing