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Archive 04092IQ

Host: Verna Kadluk Segment 1: Mike Bruce of Rankin Inlet talks about what children used to play, like Uatamannaa, pretending to harpoon seal, Tilluujjuq, Iglukisaaq(Juggling) with song, Ajagaq(Bilboquet), Ujauttaq,(Rope Game). Segment 2: Matthew Kunangnat of Baker Lake talks about being safe in a workplace, like wear safety glasses and welding googles. Segment 3: John Nukik of Baker Lake talks about the hardship in hunting when he was growing up.


Duration: 27:55

Series: Qimaivvik

Channel: Inuit Broadcasting Corporation

Tags: Baker Lake Rankin Inlet Children Games Uatamannaa Tilluujjuq Juggling Bilboquet Safety Hardship Nunavut Arctic Canadian Inuit IBC Inuit Broadcasting Corporation