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Host: Kamiga Noah Segment 1: Alain Iyerak skinning and butchering caribou. Alain Iyerak is telling a story about a bowhead hunt, and to treat all animals with respect. Segment 2: Joshua Nuilaalik and other elders return to Kitikat River Crossing where he used to fish and grew up near Baker Lake. Segment 3: Rankin Inlet celebrates its 20th Hamlet Day Anniversary. Manitok Thompson on behalf of Rankin Inlet Council talks about the events and activities to be held on Hamlet day Segment 4: Inukjuak is hosting Music Festival with singers John Uvaut and fiddler Charlie Toomi


Duration: 57:56

Series: Kippinguijautiit

Channel: Inuit Broadcasting Corporation

Tags: Iqaluit Igloolik Rankin Inlet Inukjuak Kitikat River Inukjuak Music Festival Caribou Bowhead Whale Arctic Char Hamlet Day Nunavut Arctic Canadian Inuit IBC Inuit Broadcasting Corporation