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Archive 06175IQ

Host: Ulusie Kulula Segment 1: Tooniq Tyme in Iqaluit. People are seen celebrating the arrival of spring by playing games. Location: Hall Beach, Nunavut Segment 2: Elder Phillip Kripanik tells stories of his past and some Inuit Qaujimajartuqangit. Location : Cambridge Bay, Nunavut Segment 3: Johnny Lyall and elders talks about the “Inuugarulik” little people. Segment 4: Alaska drummers drumming.


Duration: 57:57

Series: Kippinguijautiit

Channel: Inuit Broadcasting Corporation

Tags: music drumming Inuit traditional knowledge Tooniq Tyme Inuugarrulik little people Nunavut Arctic Canadian Inuit IBC Inuit Broadcasting Corporation